A lot of people come to the shop and say, "how much to paint my whole car?" 9 times out of 10 their whole car doesn't need to be painted. Just because some of the paint looks bad doesn't mean all of the paint is bad. Let me take a look at it and together we will figure out what makes the most sense economically as well as aesthetically for your vehicle.



Did that sneaky cement pole at the gas station or that tiny little wall in the parking garage jump out in front of you? From bumper scrapes to key scratches, I specialize in keeping the repair small and undetectable. This is especially important in situations where you have a leased vehicle to turn in. Having done work for dealerships for years, I know what they look for and am usually half the price they will charge you if you turn it in with those scrapes and dings unresolved.



Did the person behind you forget to look up from their cell phone and run into you in traffic? Or maybe it was you, searching for your favorite Neil Diamond song on your iPod, that ran into someone? Accidents happen, it is just a part of driving. I work with all insurance companies and try my best to not only make the repair process as painless as possible but also offer discounts to try and help cover your deductible.



Head light restoration
Spray-in bed liner
Paintless dent removal
I also paint motorcycles, RV's, custom graphics and more!


If you don't see what you're looking for just ask! There isn't much I haven't painted before, but if I have never done something I will tell you that up front and I generally discount those jobs quite a bit in order to gain the experience. I love a new challenge!